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End of Year 2015
Letter from the MBZC President

As President of the Board for Monterey Bay Zen Center, I feel it incumbent on me to provide an update each year on the status of finances and health of our community, our Sangha, the third of the Triple Treasures.
Our finances are stable. Having raised a little under $16,000, we fell short of our budget goal of $17,500; but as expenses came in under budget, we essentially broke even. We have maintained all of our basic practice opportunities, and continue to organize lots of other fun and special practice activities.
The board is growing and changing with two new members joining in 2014 (Diane Wells and Clare Nieto) and two additional this year (Ingrid Aquino and Edna Tichai ). With this new influx, Kathy Whilden is taking the opportunity to resign as an MBZC Board member. Kathy’s very active participation on the board includes many years of service as the Sangha Administrator. She previously held the position of President of the Board, is now Treasurer and chair of the Media and Programs committees. She will continue as coordinating Teacher for Brown Bag Zen, and Morning Zazen. I want to thank Kathy for all of her years of service to MBZC and commend the four new board members who are stepping up to help fill Kathy’s many areas of leadership and service to our community.
In the Triple Treasures, we honor and acknowledge the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. That Sangha is a Treasure is never more apparent than when we look back on the year and all of the people who came together to offer and share this practice. If you didn’t make it to the “Under One Roof” event, you missed an unforgettable performance of “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” by Anne Muraski and Mark Orrisch. If you would like to find out what you can do to help organize the 2016 event, please contact June Poe. Over 50 community members participated in “Breakfast with Poetry” in July, including Elliot Roberts, Ernie Stromberg, and Mark Orrisch.
Contact Mark if you’d like to help on this great event in 2016. In September of this year, MBZC and the Santa Cruz Zen Center commenced publishing separate newsletters. Many thanks to Lisa Luscombe for her dedicated efforts in the design of the newsletters over the years. There are many more vital volunteers, and I offer my gratitude to all of you who participate in any way, with time, skills and financial support.
If you have ideas or want to know how you can help with Sangha practice and building of community, please feel free to contact me. As always, the most important contribution is to just show up. I look forward to practicing with you in the coming year.


Jana Clark, President
Monterey Bay Zen Center
Board of Directors


Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors
Monterey Bay Zen Center Incorporated

Jana Clark, President
Phyllis Conlan, Secretary
Diane Wells, Treasurer

Ingrid Aquino
Sara Hunsaker
Susan McDonald
Clara Nieto
Mark Orrisch
June Poe
Robert Reese
Edna Tichai
Diane Wells
Patricia Wolff

Kathy Whilden - coordinating teacher, Brown Bag Zen, Morning Zazen