25 Years of Sangha, 1990-2015

This archive is dedicated to the memory of
Santa Cruz Zen Center Abbot & Monterey Bay Zen Center Founder
Karin Sobun, Katherine Thanas Roshi

Special thank you to Sangha designers & editors, former & current
for assisting with this archive:
Kathy Whilden, Lisa Donohue & Anne Muraski

Thank you to Kokyo Henkel Sensei, Santa Cruz Zen Center Head Teacher
for his enouragement and assistance

Thanks to all the contributors to Sangha throughout the years
and to all who have responded to requests for assistance in compiling this archive
and providing the best quality images.

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Please let us know so we may include them and acknowledge you.

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Included in this archive: ALL SCZC-MBZC Sangha Newsletters dating from Fall of 1990 to the present. Over 75 dharma talks presented by Katherine Thanas Roshi, 1926 -2012, are included as they were transcribed and edited by Roshi and her students.**
The issues live in a Google Drive folder which allows instant PDF viewing and access without a PDF reader. You don't have to download to do some simple actions like select and copy text, and print, even search. This applies to virtually all of Katherine Roshi's talks from the 4th issue on. (There are a couple of exceptions where individual sections were printed on background images which do not allow this). You may select individual issues from thumbnail images (when viewing in the "grid") or in a list by clicking on these icons in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then click on any issue and see the utility options. The issues are titled to appear chronologically and retain a full descriptive file name when downloaded.
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